Saturday, 29 November 2014

Current Favourites

As it has been a long time since I last posted ( a few months, I'm sorry) I think a favourites might be a good place to start.

Eco Store Hand cream.

Since realising that your hands are a dead give away of your age- as most people forget to take care of them- I've been addicted to hand cream and addicted to finding the perfect vegan one.

I tried a few.  But for the most part, I felt like they just made my hands smell nice. Nothing wrong with a nice smelling hand of course, but I need to feel like a hand cream is doing a bit more for my skin. So while on my way to work one day, I popped into the Eco Store and bought this lovely thing.
As with all of the Eco Store's products, the packaging is 100% recycled and carbon neutral. The other good thing about this brand is that they only use ingredients that are necessary- meaning no nasty chemicals or additives. 

I've been giving this light hand cream a go and really enjoying it. There is something therapeutic in taking a moment out to just care for your hands- because they do a lot, touch a lot and that all shows as you age. Everyone's hands deserve a little TCL. I even give my, gym-caused-callus-ridden, boyfriend hand massages to make sure they get looked after.

This formula is non greasy, meaning I can apply it and not have to worry about making everything I touch slimy- which is always nice. As it's a light moisturiser, I can feel it lets my skin breathe but gives it the moisture it needs. If you're in the market for a new hand cream or want to start taking better care of your hands- try the Eco Store. 

Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment.

As the softening ingredient in most lip balms is bees wax- it can prove quite difficult trying to find a vegan friendly one. But not to fear, for I have found a good quality one!

Since discovering Sukin, I will admit I have become a little obsessed with them. You can see my review of some of their products here.

Like the Eco Store, Sukin is carbon neutral and free of dodgy ingredients. 

If you've ever tried Hurraw, you will understand when I say that although they smell nice- it did nothing does nothing for your lips. This Lip Treatment on the other hand, is great. The smell is rather neutral- just a hint of Shea butter.

I went years without a lip balm and got into the bad habit of biting my lips, meaning I was in need of this beauty. After using it two days, my chapped, sore lips were 85% better. It's incredibly hydrating, and it has great staying power due to its thick formula. 

I will be repurchasing this for a long time. 

Real Techniques- Core Collection.

I've wanted Real Techniques bushes for a while.  I mainly use the Eco Tools brushes that I bought a few years ago, and are still in really good shape (am hoping to get more on net trip to UK in Dec) but Real Techniques are renowned for their quality, I had to get my hands on some.

After having an issue with Fishpond over shipment of this collection, I decided to buy it from Life Pharmacy.They cost about $40 for the set of four.  You can find Real Techniques in most pharmacies. 

Core Collections features:

Buffing Brush: I've been mainly using this for press and loose powder.
Contour Brush: This I use for contour and press powder in small areas. 
Pointed Foundation Brush: I don't use this one unless I have the time. It's a pretty small brush so it can take a while to cover your whole face- I prefer to use my fingers.
Detailer Brush: This one is great for concealer in small areas or even for precision cream eye-shadow. 

What I really wanted to find out about these brushes was how soft they are, and also if they shed. No one likes a face covered in brush hairs when applying foundation. 

Luckily they leave my face brush-hair free. Obviously, the real test for softness and shedding will be time. 

I feel like I've been spoilt by using Eco Tools for so long. Although, Real Techniques are very soft, they don't really come close to the softness of Eco Tools. 

When it comes down to how well they do the job, I'm not going to pretend I am any sort of cosmetics expert. I don't really know what I'm doing, or what the real purpose of most brushes are, but I find my own uses for them and they work pretty well. They are easy to clean and apply make up pretty flawlessly. 

I am really enjoying using these brushes at the moment. You can definitely tell when you're using good quality products. 

I would love to add more Real Techniques to my collection.


It's that time of year again. Who doesn't love the sign outside the grocers 2 punnets for $4?

Whether they are covered in sugar, chocolate, in a smoothie, fruit salad, or just as a snack on their own- strawberries are so sweet and beautiful at the moment. And the way the weather in Auckland is going at the moment- they are the only good thing about summer. 


Archie is by far my most favourite thing on this list. 

About 5 months ago, I got the idea in my head that I wanted a dog and within 2 weeks, Archie was living with us. 

We got him from The SPCA and apparently he and his siblings were found abandoned under a house. 
When we visited they had all been adopted apart from Archie (he was called Taffy at the time), we were told that no one was interested in him because of his unusual markings. Apparently he is a Staffy cross, but they can't be certain. We now know he has Boxer in him. 

His story tugged on our heart strings, so we had to meet him. He was subdued at first, but soon came out of his shell, and we fell in love. 

At 8 months old he is the most loving thing, very clumsy, and loves nothing more than a good snuggle. 

If you ever intend to adopt a pet, please check out The SPCA. And if there isn't one close to you, please make sure you do a background check on any place you might be looking to adopt from to ensure it's not a puppy mill or something similar. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my current favourites. Promise you won't have to wait so long again for an update. 

Au Revoir My Lovelies.

Rachael. x

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