Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Stray cat?

Blurry, I know. I'm sorry.
This cat has a tendency to eat all of my cat, Blu's food. 
He comes in through the cat flap, feasts on wet food, and snuggles up on freshly washed clothes. He's living the high life, with no commitment to a family. 

We've caught him numerous times. But no matter how much water you throw at him, how many times you chuck him out, or the dog barks- this cat always finds his way back in. He's persistent, and obviously very carefree- lovely cat qualities. I feel he tosses up the decision like this: 'they have a huge Staffordshire bull/ boxer cross, I really should stay away....buuuut foooood. Yep, I'm going in!' 

Which kind of makes it even more sad. He is obviously desperate, and  there is even a possibility he does have a family. And If he does- he should be taken from them anyway. He is skinny, clearly hungry for loves, and has, what looks like, an infected eye. 

Don't get me wrong, he's a lovely, gentle cat, far more loving than my Blu. I wish we could keep him, but our dog would try to eat him.  

I know it's a long shot, but he is honestly the sweetest cat- even Blu seems to like him. We often find them snuggled up together (maybe they are boyfriends?) if anyone does recognise this cat, please let me know. We are almost at the point of taking him into the vet. 

For good measure, here's Blu. 

Rachael x

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