Sunday, 18 May 2014

Current Favourites- Beauty and Food.

I should have done an April favourites but we are way too into May for that to be justifiable. So here are my current favourites.

First off is foundation. 

Natio Pure Mineral Foundation 

Finding a good vegan foundation is nearly impossible. I've spent years trying to find a half decent one but they don't seem to exist.  Liquid ones tend to blend terribly and have little to no coverage, and powders are cakey with no staying power. 

 I was told that Natio was vegan, I was a bit skeptical as it was a non-vegan who told me. Especially as Natio is a rather big name brand, they are in almost all department stores and pharmacies here in New Zealand. 

Being the pessimist that I am, I geared myself up to be told I was misinformed when I emailed the company to ask. 

This was the response:
“Natio’s makeup and nail polish range, including our foundations are also free from animal by-products, meaning that yes, Natio foundations are vegan friendly."  


 I bought this guy for $25 at Farmers. A bargain considering I had paid upwards of $80 for some foundations in my quest to find a decent vegan one. 

 I was so excited to try this for the first time. I wasn't expecting miracles, but I was hopeful. 
Being a mineral foundation it's not a heavy coverage. I don't have great skin so I do prefer a bit more coverage than this gives. It's very light, I definitely forget I'm wearing it. A major upside is that you don't feel like you've got a face full of make up, you look fresh and dewy.

The one I have is in the shade 'light.'  I am very pale and it can make it rather hard to find a foundation light enough for my skin but Natio's Pure Mineral Foundation is a great match. 

Overall this is a good foundation for the price and 100% the best vegan foundation I've ever come across. No doubt in  my mind that I will buy it again. 

Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum 

I've blogged about Pureology before  but this time it is about their Perfect 4 Platinum shampoo and conditioner. 

Although I am not blonde anymore, I was using this when I was a few weeks ago. 

Like foundation, finding vegan shampoo and conditioner can be really tricky and comes with a hefty price tag. That is one of the major down sides to this brand- it isn't cheap. 

Upsides:- They smell amazing. Very sweet and sugary. 

              - Unlike other vegan shampoos and conditioners   
                you  feel like your hair is actually clean. 

              - Not only is it vegan but it's purple shampoo.
                Meaning, it's great for blonde hair. 

I won't be buying this particular one again as I'm no longer blonde, but if you are and don't mind spending a little more on your hair, I recommend this stuff. 

 Cherub Dairy-Free Parmesan

This stuff will be mentioned in a few recipe posts. It is my new faviourte thing when it comes to vegan alternatives. 

 I know it's not great to eat processed food, sometimes I can't help it. I get cheese cravings.

Cherub dairy-free Parmesan is amazing. It lasts for ages, it smells like the real thing, tastes pretty close, and I can't get enough of it.

I bought this for $5.90 at The Cruelty Free Shop . Reasonable for alternative cheese, I reckon. Brilliant on pasta, pizza, mash....  Even my meat eater boyfriend likes it.

 If you can get your hands on this stuff, I urge you to try it.

Alpro Creamy Valina Dessert 


If you miss vanilla mousse, or Angel Delight type stuff, then you will adore these.

I tried these creamy desserts for the first time on a trip to the UK, 2 years ago, and loved it. I never expected to see it in New Zealand but about 3-4 months ago I spotted them in a Countdown supermarket.  

They aren't the cheapest thing going, about $6 for a pack of 4 but they are great for a treat. 

If you've tried any of these products, or have some alternatives, please let me know :)

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