Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day Out to Devonport.

Yesterday the Mr and I went on a day trip to Devonport. It was a beautiful winters day, clear blue skies and little wind. The perfect day to visit the seaside village.

So we hopped on a ferry and off we went.

Arrg a pirate ship

Going on Auckland's ferries always reminds how beautiful this place is.

Once we got to Devonport we had a good look at the quaint, shops the line the main street.

So many kiddie shops, wish I knew a kid to spoil.

I can't go past a UK shop without going in.


He makes such a wonderful model

We decided to get some lunch. Alex went with Indo food and I stopped off at this place.

It's called Zest and has loads of vegan and gluten free options. It also sells skin care, candles and lots of lovely little things.

Once I had got my food, we went for a walk to the sea to enjoy it in the sun. 

I went for a winter veg and hummus wrap. Yummy

When I see a playground, I can't contain myself. We fully enjoyed mucking around for a good hour :) 

After my arms couldn't bare anymore swinging we went for another walk around the village.

It was starting to get late so I decided to take a couple more photos before it was time to head back home. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about our day out to Devonport and looking at the photos. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Au revoir my lovelies.

                                                  Rachael xxx

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  1. so pleased to read your trip blog. seem that you guys had a great time. big hugs from far away