Saturday, 28 June 2014

June Favourites.

This month's favourites are a mix of new and old. I'm a creature of habit but I'm trying to make an effort to experiment with new products.
As always, all of this stuff is 100% vegan :)

Barry M Natural Glow Palette

I have been dying to try out Barry M since I  saw this video. I had no idea they had vegan options. Luckily, recently my parents went back home to visit family and bought me back this gem (as unfortunately, we don't have Barry M in NZ.) This cost £6-£7 from Superdrug. 
So happy was I when I got my hands on this, couldn't wait to put my face on.

Not very clear, I might do a tutorial soon.
I'm not one for very heavy eye make up, so I really like this palette. The pigment is nice, not super pigmented, but it is a lot better than most eyeshadow. I give it about a 8/10 for pigment. 

You can go for a heavier look than this, it's all about building the colour up.  I used the three eye colours on the right of the palette and the blush. Oh my, I love the blush. I've got very fair skin, and this colour suits it so well.

I'm really happy parents were kind enough to find this for me, I'm in love with it. 

Freefrom Double Chocolate biscuits.

For about 3 years, these have been my go to biscuit. They are $4 in countdown, in the health food aisle. 

 Vegan and gluten free, these are similar to Tim Tams or Penguin biscuits if you're in the UK, these things are amazing. 

 Sometimes gluten free food can taste of cardboard, not these. I, guiltily, can eat the whole packet. 
After something cheap to give you that chocolate fix? Just head to countdown, they work everytime. 

Natio Fizz Nail Polish 

This has been in my draw for a while, and only the last few weeks have I realised what a lovely colour it is. 
When you have short nails, it's a great colour. Very creamy pink with a beautiful  purpley/pink shimmer though it. I really like wearing this over a white tip as it make it look less harsh and more pearly. 

Leahey No Chicken Gravy

I bought this from The Cruelty Free Shop for $1. It was on special, nearing it's date. 
It had been sitting in my cupboard for a while, pretty sure it was past it''s best before when I ate it. Oh well, I've worked in the food industry for years, best before's are safe.... (hopefully)
 Friday was a wonderfully stormy evening, perfect for a roast dinner. 

To some of you this looks disgusting and weird, I know, but to me it is beautiful. A lot of gravy too. 

Back to the actual product. When I was a meat eater, I was never a huge fan of chicken gravy, I found it bland. I don't know whether it's because I don't have chicken flavoured things much, but I really like Leahey's gravy, I found it really flavourful. It's quite oniony, very similar taste to chicken crisps. I'm going to repurchase this next time I'm in the city. 

Hope you all had a good June, and I wish you a wonderful July. 

Au revoir my lovelies

Rachael xxx

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